Personality and Emotion Changes Seen In Steroids Users

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Personality and Emotion Changes Seen In Steroids Users

There are many steroids such as Dianabol, Winstrol commonly abused by track and field athletes. People recovering from the steroids use are likely to see severe personality and emotion change in them. These type of symptoms may separate them from the surrounding environment. Many times, the relatives and the family members may find difficulty communicating with the person and handling the situation. Some of the personality and emotional changes that are seen in the person associated with the steroid use are mentioned below.

Mood Swings

Steroid users are likely to have mood swings more often compare to a normal person. This can be seen as the disorder caused by the brain activity and the user may experience unexplainable episodes of depression.

Increased Aggression or Irritability 

Steroid users all around the world have faced similar kind of issue of aggression and anger. This type of anger is named as ‘roid rage’. There are claims that the steroid users start causing violent activities randomly, even with the strangers. This is one of the major side effects which is criticized worldwide, which adds up the fuel for the anti-steroid peoples.

Becoming Disrespectful and Abusive  

Steroid users are very unlikely to show any respect for other people after being on the steroids. This is a proven point, witnessed by many people around the steroid user. They also tend to abuse people very cruelly both verbally as well as physically, and there is no reason for such behavior.

Poor Decision Making Abilities

Steroid users have the distinct feature of making stupid decisions which have no valid meaning to it.  They tend to create a hole of bad decisions taken during their period of steroids cycles. Eventually, they have to suffer from them lifetime.

Starts Being Secretive and Tends To Lie

Steroid users keep a lot of secrets from the outside world after their steroid administration. They also tend to lie a lot, which leads to becoming an untrustful person for the society, and this type of behavior is not tolerated by the people living around them.


After the withdrawing from the steroid, the users are likely to suffer from depression. This phenomenon also occurs when increasing the dosage in every cycle.


Steroid users face hallucinations when taking steroids extensively. This leads to a situation where people feel that the user is mentally unstable. Several drug abusers tend to abuse steroids because of this characteristic.

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