How to Have Beautiful Summer Feet?

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How to Have Beautiful Summer Feet?

The summertime is nearly here, but before you put on your favorite sandals, ensure to get your feet fully summer ready as no one would love to see your yellow nails, dry and crusty heels, and blisters. No matter if you are going barefoot on a beach or putting on the skimpiest footwear in the town, your feet are always showcased when the sun makes an appearance. Hence, we have listed some of the ways to get your summer feet ready in no time.

  1. For dry and cracked heels

We understand that your flip flop and summer sandals are adorable, but they don’t offer much of cushioning and support. This leads to hardened and dry heels made of layers of dead skin. In order to combat that, we recommend you to get a foot spa pour un massage that will help in penetrating the skin’s barrier and moisturize your feet on the deepest level. This will keep your heels look and feel soft and pretty too.

  1. Blistered and sunburnt toes

When it comes to applying sunscreen, always remember to apply it on the top of your feet as well. When you forget, you eventually end up with unsightly sunburn blisters when you dip your feet in the sea. To prevent this, ensure that your sun cream is at a minimum to SPF 30 and apply in on a daily basis from your head to your toe.

Tough and painful calluses

Callouses are the ugly raised bumps that shield your feet when your shoes run against your skin and it can be easily found on the big toe, the back of your heel and along the sides and bottoms of your feet too. To eliminate these, use a foot file and smooth the callous gently, most preferably in the shower so that it can soften up a bit. To steer away from the callouses to form in the first place, ensure to invest in shoes that fit you perfectly and always put on socks to keep the friction at bay.

  1. Brittle and yellow nails

There are many reasons that cause yellow nails. One of the reasons being the overuse of nail varnish. Treat yourself to a non-chip pedicure that is more durable in nature. In this way, you can spend more time enjoying rather than going for your latest smudged or a chipped nail. You can also wear your open toe sandals without any worries to a summer event.

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