Fenugreek – A Multipurpose Herb

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Fenugreek – A Multipurpose Herb

Fenugreek plays a vital role of spice in the kitchen, and it belongs to the bean family. It grows as a slender stem with the height of 30 to 60 cm. Fenugreek seeds are yellowish-brown in color and angular in shape. Trigonella Foenum-graecum is the scientific name of fenugreek. It is very useful and multipurpose herb. It is being used as a spice in many dishes in the kitchen such as pickles, spice mixtures, curry leaves and so on. It also has medicinal use. It is also available as capsules in the market. It helps to solve the cells’ inflammation issue, tuberculosis issue, tissue related issues. Apart from this, it is also helpful while painful menstruation and postmenopausal symptoms. It is a good source of protein and fenugreek residue also very rich in nitrogen and potassium which can be used as an agriculture fertilizer. Due to the heavy amount of protein in fenugreek, it is being also used as a substitute for insulin and helps to maintain the lower blood glucose level. In spite of many uses, it can also affect with some side effects. So, use it only as per the doctor’s prescription.

Where can one buy fenugreek?

Fenugreek is an important bean and also very useful in many health-related issues. Thus it is available in different forms in the market. It is not easy to choose a proper option of where to buy fenugreek. It is available in the form of seeds, powder, capsules, spice mixes and many more. On the other hand, it is another difficult task to search a good option where you can buy fenugreek. So, it depends which form you’re going to buy. So, if you’re planning to purchase fenugreek capsules, you can opt out for following options.

  • Prorganiq: Fenugreek is a commonly used the herb in Europe, Western Asia, and the Mediterranean. Prorganiq is the best option for the fenugreek capsules which contains 500mg of fenugreek extracts. You’ll find it on Proganiq.com. It’s a dietary supplemenapsulest and can be taken twice daily, but dosage as per the doctor’s advice will be preferred mostly. It is very rich in Vitamins A and Vitamins C.
  • Amazon: Amazon will give you a wide range of fenugreek capsules. You can buy according to your requirements. It has quite a good range of fenugreek capsule products such as Zenith Nutririon Fenugreek Seed (1020mg extract), Biotex fenugreek (1000mg extract), simply nutra fenugreek seed (1000mg extract), Vetra fenugreek capsule (500mg extract) and many more.
  • Ebay: This is another good option for the users of fenugreek capsules. This site also provides a good range for fenugreek capsules. Some of the fenugreek capsule products are Fenugreek 1220mg (contains 50 capsules in each bottle), Fenugreek 610mg (contains 100 capsules in each bottle, Nutrigold organic fenugreek gold 750mg (contains 120 vegetarian capsules) and many more.
  • Healthcart: This is another good option to buy fenugreek capsules. It also provides a good range of different fenugreek capsules products such as Morpheme Remedies Fenugreek (500mg, 60 capsules), Healthvit fenugreek powder (500mg, 60 capsules), Biotrex fenugreek (1000mg, 60 capsules) and so on.

How to choose the best fenugreek supplement?

It is a tough task where to buy fenugreek and how to choose the best fenugreek capsules as many brands are available in the market. It requires little research. You’ll get many brands with the similar characteristics whereas each brand has its positive aspects. You should check that how the supplement has been grown and how it has been processed to make a supplement from it. Also, check the ingredients which have been used while making the capsules. Also, it shouldn’t contain corn, dairy products, salt, preservatives, egg, fish, and wheat. It is not recommended for the pregnant women. So, all these things one should watch out while purchasing a fenugreek supplement.

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